Pietersite: The Storm Stone

Looking around the store, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the different stones and gems. But one in particular may catch your eye because of its spectacular coloring and immensely powerful energetic properties. Pietersite is enigmatic and alluring: drawing you in from across the room.

This stone amps up Universal Consciousness and opens the 3rd eye. As it has traces of Hematite (as well as Red Jasper, Tiger’s Iron, and others) it has grounding and protective properties. Uniquely it allows you to still expand your consciousness even as it helps you keep your feet on the ground. Also called the “Storm Stone”, Pietersite has a tendency to clear major obstacles in your life.  This gives you a clearer view on the situations at hand. Transforming your perspective, this stone gives you insight to the true scale of your place in the cosmos.

Discovered by Sid Pieters in Namibia, this rare stone is now being discovered in China as well. Because of its difficulty to find and mine and the complexity of it’s makeup, Pietersite can be a bit pricier then other stones but it is well worth the cost for it’s incredible energy.
Our collection of Pietersite only comes in once a year. Here at Aquarius we offer medium-sized tumbled pieces, spheres, a small wand, and a selection of beautiful cabochons. This stone is multi-purpose, good for wearing to amplify consciousness. It also works for keeping around the house to elevate the vibrations of the space to a higher plane.
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