When John Visits: The Story of Our Tie-Dye

It’s Tie-dye day here at Aquarius.

Every month or so John Henson visits the store, bringing his freshest batch of tie-dyed pieces. Barbara gets to pick through his stock with child-like glee as the bright colors and whimsical designs capture the imagination of us all. He stays for an hour or so and leaves a few pieces lighter with smiles on every face in the store. We love when John visits and brings his bins of treasure.

John’s Story

John in Thailand, designing a piece in progress.

The path to our beautiful tie-dyed stock began in 1985 when John was traveling home from an academic year abroad. He passed through Guatemala and bought a friendship bracelet from a local vendor. When he got back to the states he found that such bracelets were all the rage. He decided then and there to make his living by spreading such beautiful hand-crafted art with the world.

By 1995 his travels took him Asia and eventually to Thailand where he met his beautiful wife, Tan. Soon

Tan, John’s Wife

after they connected with a local artisan factory where fabrics were being hand dyed. And the rest, as they say, is history. Though this factory produces lines for much larger corporations, John has cultivated an exceptional relationship of respect and partnership. He is personally involved in much of the process for his pieces. Though he does not produce the beautiful pieces by himself, he often has creative control in designing unique colors and patterns such that his line stands out from the crowd.

John’s line, Tucan Tango, certainly stands out in the racks at Aquarius. We find that people fall in love with the variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and styles which can accommodate a wide variety of body shapes. They love that the pieces don’t shrink, fade, run or lose their shape, even in the washing machine (though Barbara does recommend washing in cold water to preserve the life of the fabric).

And we love our visits from John and his stories and bins of treasures.