Adventures in Thailand

Anyone who is friends with Barbara and Russ know they just got back from the trip of a lifetime in Thailand. They came back to us bearing stories, silks, silver, souvenirs, and glowing smiles. Using the pictures taken by their traveling companions we are able to see their incredible adventures for the last two weeks.







First in ChiangMai they encountered a lantern lighting for the holiday Loi Krathong, a celebration of the moon goddess.


Next Russell took Barbara to a cooking class where they learned how to prepare traditional Thai cuisine with fresh local ingredients.


In Bangkok there were temples and gardens to visit, restaurants with incredible flavors, and detailed craftsmanship in every possible corner of the cities.

It’s clear that Barbara and Russell had an incredible adventure but don’t worry, they brought somethings back for you too.

Thailand has recently made a grand-scale push to reinvigorate traditional Thai art in order to provide jobs and stimulate the economy. Barbara was privileged enough to be able to hand-choose some silk pieces to bring back to the store. Russell came back with incredible silver pieces for you as well. Come in to Aquarius and Vulcan’s Forge to see everything they were able to bring back in order to help support local Thai artisans. Wrap pants, tarot bags, beautiful scarves, silk screened prints, stunning Thai jewelry and more.