Our Team

At Aquarius we employ knowledgeable and experienced spiritual practitioners of varied talents! Our team is service oriented and fully present to recommend the products, books, and techniques that can aid you, whatever your situation!

Barbara Criswell

Pronouns: she, her

Zodiac Sign: AQUARIUS

Barbara is the founder and owner of Aquarius. She keeps the bills paid, oversees the store, and focuses on the big picture. Most importantly, Barbara keeps the store on track, maintaining the Aquarius purpose and identity. Who we are. What we do. How we serve our community.

Barbara’s Adventures: One of the journey’s that had the most impact on Barbara was when she spent an entire week in the backwoods of Mexico with the Lacandon Maya peoples. She will never forget participating in rituals with them and their leader Kin Eagle.

Barbara’s Mission: Barbara knows and feels that her role in the community is to provide information and tools for anyone who comes to Aquarius, regardless of their personal spiritual path. She welcomes all without judgement.

Alex Chang

Pronouns: he, him

Zodiac Sign: LIBRA

Alex is the store manager of Aquarius. He often works to fill special orders and requests, getting the customers exactly what they need. Alex is knowledgeable in many areas of metaphysical practice including but not limited to gemology, low magic, colorology, and both correlations and substitutions. When costumers have an unusual inquiry about Aquarius products, Alex is there to help.

Alex’s Adventures: One of the journey’s that was most interesting for Alex was when he visited Hoggstown Florida, which is the former winter home of the fantastic Barnum & Baliely Circus.

Alex’s Mission: Alex finds his role in the community through his interactions with Aquarius customers. He enjoys being there for seekers who need advice, and for customers who are overcome with curiosity and questions. Alex also likes to help people unblock themselves when banality, egos, or past wounds are getting in the way of their personal growth.

John-Mark Aladeen

Pronouns: he, him

Zodiac Sign: CANCER

John-Mark is our always cheery in house musician. He specializes in the practices of sound vibrational healing, Reiki healing, and is also knowledgeable about Eastern religions and practices. John-Mark has led and experienced many crystal mining expeditions, so, he truly understands working with crystals from the ground up.

John-Mark’s Adventures: John-Mark was born in the Philippines and continues to be connected to that place, traveling there from time to time. He also loved his journey to Hawaii.

John-Mark’s Mission: John-Mark is a believer who wants the best and brightest for the community. He hopes to help people transmute hate and create a better living. John-Mark is a constant fountain of positivity and encouragement for others.

Angela Ephraums 

Pronouns: she, her, hers 

Zodiac Sign: PISCES 

Angela Ephraums identifies herself first and foremost as a nerd. She has been a part of the Ren Fest scene for years and shares in many fandoms with our customers. Angela doesn’t want to be considered any kind of an expert, simply a team member who is present to help people find the whimsical products and spiritual tools that they need the most. 

Angela’s Adventures: Angela has long been involved in Pagan festivals, Rennaissance festivals, and Medieval reenactment festivals through the S.C.A. She has traveled all over be a part of these events. 

Angela’s Mission: Angela believes in a peaceful world, she wants everyone to get along, and makes it her mission to help others de-stress, work in harmony, and find the serenity within. 

Ana Hodes 

Pronouns: she, her, hers 

Zodiac Sign: LIBRA 

Ana Hodes experienced the difficulties of the current medical industry up close and turned to the holistic method of healing. She specializes in energy work, herb magic, dream interpretation, and developing the intuition in general. Ana is also quite skilled at crystal identification. She throughouly enjoys helping individuals find the best spiritual tools for their unique situation.

Ana’s Adventures: Ana has enjoyed occasionally traveling the Ricky Mountains. She considers them to be an incredibly spiritual place.

Ana’s Mission: Ana wants to guide others along their personalized paths of healing, and would also like to encourage children as they discover and develop their spiritual gifts. She has visions of a better future.