Our Team

At Aquarius welcome you! Please see our team below! (currently undergoing revision)!

Barbara Criswell

Pronouns: she, her

Zodiac Sign: AQUARIUS

Barbara is the founder and owner of Aquarius.

Barbara’s Mission: Barbara knows and feels that her role in the community is to provide information and tools for anyone who comes to Aquarius, regardless of their personal spiritual path. She welcomes all without judgement.

Alex Chang

Pronouns: he, him

Zodiac Sign: LIBRA

Alex is the store manager of Aquarius.

Alex’s Mission: Alex finds his role in the community through his interactions with Aquarius customers. He enjoys being there for seekers who need general advice. If you need to place a special order, please see Alex!

John-Mark Aladeen

Pronouns: he, him

Zodiac Sign: CANCER

John-Mark is a sales associate.

John-Mark’s Mission: John-Mark is a believer who wants the best and brightest for the community. He hopes to help people transmute hate and create a better living. John-Mark is a constant fountain of positivity and encouragement for others. If you enjoy crystals or music, talk to John-Mark!

Angela Ephraums 

Pronouns: she, her

Zodiac Sign: PISCES 

Angela is a sales associate.

Angela’s Mission: Angela believes in a peaceful world, she wants everyone to get along, and makes it her mission to help others de-stress, work in harmony, and find the serenity within. If you want to talk about herbs, obscure pegan history, and CATS, talk to Angela!

Carmilla Rhone 

Pronouns: she, her


Carmilla is the Social Media & Events Coordinator.

Carmilla’s Mission: 

Natalie Warren

Pronouns: she, her 

Zodiac Sign: ARIES

Natalie is a sales associate.

Natalie’s Mission: