Store Psychics

Due to the pandemic, we are no longer able to offer in store psychic readings at Aquarius. Contact our incredible psychics for private appointments with the information below!

Patricia Sneed

Sundays 12noon-5pm

Patricia has always had contact with the Spirit realms. Spirit Guides and Angels have been the teachers of her spiritual and psychic work since February of 1982. In a light trance state, she will tune-in to your energies and relate what comes to her about who you are and the future that is in the making. Questions can be about any area of life or the people in your life as well. Patricia is a teacher of psychic abilities and energetic healer as well.

Particia offers PHONE READINGS.


Janet McLaren

Mondays 12noon-6pm

Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Doodler; Janet has given readings for 30 years all over the world! She loves to help people envision their highest potential, giving them in-depth spiritual advice that is both wise and gentle. AND it’s fun!

Private Readings in person and on the phone – Past Life Regressions – Past Life Crossings – Reiki Master Trainer – Reiki Teleporting – Pet Communication – House Calls

  • “Janet McLaren is my greatest supporter; I rely on her like no other to ‘go higher’! She is the greatest intuitive I know, and she always helps me use the information to connect more fully with my higher Self, so that I might always feel connected and supported. I can let loose of all my ‘shadow’ with her, which usually makes us howl with laughter! There is no one like her. I am so, so grateful to have her to lean into.” Mary Wendel Lampton- Wilson, Wyoming
  • “Janet has been in my life for the last 20 years! She has made rocky transitions flow with more compassion and love! She has an optimistic perspective and gets to the root!” Mary Kroh
  • “Needing an angel? Look no further. Janet is an Earth Angel, radiating love and soulful awareness everywhere she goes. Every reading and healing I have done with her lifts me up and assists me in remembering myself and purpose. She is maternal and playful, giving her the feel of the wacky aunt who just gets you, gets what you’re about. Her doodles always bring me joy and I love hiding them and finding them around later. Janet is a blessed being, it has been such an honor to have her as a spiritual guide along my journey. Mass gratitude  for her and high recommendations to anyone seeking practical spiritual guidance on this crazy journey we call life.” Hailey Jones

You can book your own reading with Janet by contacting 831-254-2151.

Gina Rose

Tuesdays 12noon-6pm

She’s taught and done sessions in both the United
States and Europe. Call her a librarian of the soul. Whether you need help solving a problem, communication with those who aren’t present, or communication about your gifts — this intuitive will assist you with truthfulness and sincerity. A nontraditional Reiki Master and an Ivy League graduate, Gina Rose offers intelligent readings, timeline adjustments, and energy field repair for practical benefit – in-person and
long-distance. She works with or without many tools, offering 30 years
of professional experience. Feel free to talk to her about getting her
unique, intuitive take on your western astrology charts!

Gina Rose offers PHONE READINGS.




Wednesdays 12noon-6pm

I am an Empath with all the associated characteristics and abilities.  I read energy which means I can read just about anyone or anything.  I’m a highly developed channel and my ability to give answers from your Higher Self is exciting, clear and affirming.

My background is that of an RN for over 30 years.  I have recently chosen to do full time Spirit healing instead of hands on physical healing, but the benefits of Spirit healing are often accompanied by physical healing.

I believe it’s time for fun and joy…….ALL THE TIME!  I’m very respectful of the amazing abilities I have, but being respectful doesn’t mean serious and somber.  My readings are direct, powerful, and fun!  Come see me and we’ll take a psychic journey together! Peace!

Susan offers PHONE READINGS.


Charles Adriano

Wednesdays 12noon-5pm

Hello, my name is Charles Adriano. I am blessed with the ability to channel Universal healing energy for the benefit of those requesting a healing experience. This energy radiates from my hands and the individual allows the energy to flow where needed in his or her body. This Universal healing energy has great potential for the individual healing process. Some people have reported instantaneous results, while others notice a change within 24-36 hours.

I believe that through the Creator all things are possible. During a session I ask that the Creator heal an individual in an appropriate manner on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels. I ask that the discomfort be sent to His White Light. The Creator will deal with it as He sees fit.

I repeatedly say prayers of thanks and protection while one is receiving a healing experience. When a person is in the healing chair, I ask he or she place hands upon knees with palms up. Also, that the feet are kept uncrossed and spaced at least six inches apart. During the session one is asked to concentrate on the area of most need. Breathing in slow deep breaths will enhance the healing process and you relaxation. With each breath, know that one is breathing in the love and healing the Creator is sending you. When one exhales, imagine releasing the pain, the negativity, the fear, and the source of the problem.

By giving permission to receive a Spiritual Energy Healing demonstration, the individual becomes an active participant in his or her healing process. I thank everyone for his or her acceptance of the Creator’s energy, love, and healing.


Julie Bowen

Thursdays 12noon-6pm

Julie provides gentle, soft and extremely accurate tarot counsel. She identifies with Angels but can work with your spirit guides in whatever form they present to give you compassionate and nurturing advice to empower you to use your Highest Expression.

Julie offers PHONE READINGS.


Steve MacDonald

Fridays 12non-5pm

Saturdays 11am-6pm

Steve MacDonald is a gifted psychic who can see into the future with great precision. In his readings, he gives a 6-month forecast into all aspects of your life.

Steve offers PHONE READINGS.