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NEW Aquarius A-box-alypse boxes are spiritual tools available for purchase online and delivered wherever you are! All of our regular products can be requested as well, Monday through Friday, by calling (816) 931-6303 and arranging a mail order.

Cleanse and Protect Box $30.00


This AQUARIUS A-box-alypse Box is filled with spiritual tools for cleansing and protection, as well as helpful hand outs. This box is perfect for both beginners and people who regularly practice smudging and candle spellwork.

Our Cleanse and Protect Box contains a white sage smudge stick, a yerba santa smudge stick, a hexagonal box of incense (assorted scents), a black feather, a black votive candle, 2 black chime candles, a white chime candle, palo santo (or white sage) incense cones, a selenite crystal, an obsidian crystal, 2 black tourmaline crystals, corresponding Aquarius crystal information sheets, a smudging ritual hand out, and other helpful hand outs.

Aquarius Essentials Box $55.00


This Aquarius A-box-alypse box is filled with essential and popular items that customers may need to replenish or want to try out.

The Essentials Box contains a 2 lb bag of pink Hymalyan salt rocks, a 1 oz bag of Aquarius loose herbs (assorted), one incense holder, a pack of Nag Champa incense cones, a 40 gram pack of Nag Champa incense sticks, one silver and one gold metallic chime candle, 4 colored chime candles (assorted), one bottle of Wildberry fragrance oil, 2 herbal smudge wands (assorted), a pack of self light charcoal tabs, an amethyst crystal point, a sodalite crystal, a rose quartz crystal, a unakite crystal, a purple bag containing the crystals, the corresponding Aquarius crystal information hand outs, a smudging ritual hand out, and other helpful hand outs.

Aquarius Mystery Cards $30.00

The random mystery card deck intuitively selected by our team could be any of the hundreds of tarot, oracle, or lenormand cards regularly stocked at Aquarius. Most of these card decks contain a small booklet of card meanings and card layout options.

Aquarius Candles $60.00

Assorted Box of 12

An assortment of 12 original Aquarius essential oil blend votive candles, locally made in Kansas City, and intuitively selected by our team.

Scents may include Abundance, Amber, Angel Influence, Bayberry, Chai Chai Again, Creativity, Deer Fried and Smothered in Chocolate, Frankincense and Myrrh, Healing, House Warming, Jasmine, Love Potion # Nein, Lavender, Patchouli, Positive Energy, Problem Solving, Rawhide, Relax, Rose, Sage, Sandalwood, or You Bet Your Sweet Grass.