Oracles of Aquarius

The “Oracles of Aquarius” Psychic Fair is Kansas City’s most unique, and best psychic fair! An experience offered twice a year at Aquarius.

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NOVEMBER 5th, 6th, 7th, 12-7

Oracles of Aquarius Psychic Fair

What make The Oracles of Aquarius Psychic Fair different?

Oracles of Aquarius is one of Kansas City’s best Psychic Fairs! For years Aquarius has auditioned and hand selected the most EXPERIENCED and RENOWN PSYCHICS and healers for this unique bi-annual event! We then create a SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE where exclusively vetted psychics are gathered and fully tuned into their gifts without distraction. Attendees are guided into the space to choose the healer or reader that they connect with the most!

There is no charge to enter the Oracles of Aquarius event space; to get a feel for the psychics and healers. Tickets to receive a reading or healing session can be purchased during the event. The cost of one 30 minute regular reading with a psychic totals $30. Healing sessions and specialty readings differ in price.

Further details about all of the hand selected psychics and healers we work with are available on the Psychics page!

Oracles of Aquarius History

Our Oracles of Aquarius in house psychic fair began in 2005 as a benefit psychic fair. We have come along way! Aquarius is currently celebrating our best attended Oracles of Aquarius Psychic Fair EVER (November of 2019) We are so grateful to our community and to all of the incredible psychics and healers who worked with us over the years!