Aquarius owner Barbara Criswell interviews and approves each of the professional psychics we list. Many of them have been offering their services at our annual Oracles of Aquarius Psychic Fair, and in our store, for decades! Walk-in readings are available at Aquarius from Noon – 6pm everyday!

Angela Blare

Psychic Reader

Angela is a psychic medium who has studied and coached with many well known psychics and mediums. She offers tarot readings as well as past lives readings with cards. Angela also does group mediumship readings, home clearings, personal readings, and phone readings.


Carmilla Rhone

Psychic Reader

Carmilla is our Monday in-house reader

Carmilla is an intuitive tarot reader that has naturally been drawn to exploring the realm of magic and conciousness. She is fun, compassionate and offers gentle guidance through Earth’s homework. Carmilla has a YouTube channel where she does card readings and other fun tid-bits of self-exploration and spirituality. She offers in-depth tarot readings, past life analysis and mental flushing sessions.

Charles Adriano

Energy Healer

Charles puts you in touch with the Universe’s healing energy. The only limitations of this energy are those that you impose upon yourself.


Dr. Torpor

Psychic Reader

Dr. Torpor uses dream interpretationtarot, and similar cartomancy methods to access unconscious wonders within the people he works with. His other-dimensional counterpart, Paul Polychronis, is a board-certified psychologist. Dr. Torpor has appeared at horror conventions all around the country and has filmed several videos. You can learn more about Dr. Torpor and how he approaches tarot and dream interpretation by visiting his website or his YouTube channel titled Dr. Torpor.

Dr. Torpor is confirmed vaccinated.


Debbie Hanna

Psychic Artist

Deb “sees” your past life energies, Angels, guides, helpers, and animal totems. She draws what she sees and talks with you. Deb’s personal guide sketches include 3 past life experiences as they apply to your present day life. This is an awesome opportunity to see who it is that is assisting you in life.


Gina Rose DiGiovanna

Psychic Reader

Gina is our Friday in-house reader

Gina has been a consistent, seasoned professional clairvoyant and teacher for more than 30 years. Her work as a freelance journalist has appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and other newspapers and magazines. She is also the founder of the Winged Lion Clairvoyant Program.

Gina offers clairvoyant readings and healings (without tools). Gina is also a Tarotologist, Reiki Master and pendulum practitioner. She offers speciality readings like: “talents, gifts and abilities,” pet readings; “purpose,” or “Astrological Clairvoyance.” Gina teaches classes, offers private sessions, and is available for parties, group readings, and events including bridal showers.
(702) 629-9533

Janet McLaren

Psychic Reader

Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Doodler; Janet has given readings for 30 years all over the world! She loves to help people envision their highest potential, giving them in-depth spiritual advice that is both wise and gentle. AND it’s fun! Janet offers private readings in person, phone readings, past life regressions, past life crossings, reiki teleporting, pet communication, and house calls.


Julie Bowen

Psychic Reader

Julie is our Tuesday in-house reader

Jules provides gentle, loving, and extremely accurate tarot counsel. She identifies with Angels but can work with your spirit guides in whatever form they present to give you compassionate and nurturing advice to empower you to use your Highest Expression. She does private readingsgirl’s night, or parties of any kind and would love to give you a blessed message from your angels.


Julie on Patreon

Kim Macy

Psychic Reader

Priestess Kim lovingly guides clients into deep awareness and personal understanding of why their soul incarnated here and how to fulfill the requirements of their own personal Earth School. Using the Goddess Oracle to view the path of the spirit and the Spiral Tarot to view how that manifests in their day to day life, she is able to create a bridge between your Higher Self and the Earth Walk. Priestess Kim offers Therapy for the Soul and is able to expertly perceive patterns in your life that may appear as challenges while helping you transform them into opportunities for learning, growth and fulfillment.


Kim on Facebook

M. Kate Sinnett

Psychic Reader

M Kate Sinnett, Ph.D, has long been fascinated by story-telling, mythology, tarot and the metaphysical. Kate’s intuitive tarot readings empower her clients to interpret tarots symbolic language so that they can investigate their own mythic/life journeys. Kate began reading cards professionally in 2000. In 2011, she founded Transform Tarot which provides readings for private parties by appointment and phone.


Patricia Sneed

Psychic Reader

Patricia is our Sunday in-house reader

Patricia has always had contact with Spirit Realms and Angels have been the teachers of her spiritual and psychic work since February of 1982. In a light trance state she will tune-in to your energies and relate what comes to her about who you are and the future that is in the making. Questions can be about any area in your life as well. Patricia is a teacher of psychic abilities and energetic healer as well. Patricia offers phone readings.

Patricia is confirmed vaccinated.


Rich Fine

Psychic Reader

Three time award-winning PsychicMediumChannelHealer, and Teacher, he assesses the Energies that run in, through, and around your body, interacts with your Spirit Guides/Angels and Animal Guides; connects with departed loved ones (depending on matching their vibrations), and considers your Past Lives to guide you in creating a better experience for yourself and those around you. He also channels Sontre’ and is currently teaching and attuning others involving past, present, and future continuums on multiple dimensions.

Rich is confirmed vaccinated.

Sandy Jorgenson

Psychic Reader

Unlock the secrets that the lines in your hands reveal through palmistry, and by understanding how your mind and emotions play in your personal life. Stars, dots, triangles and favorite rings tell a story about love and career. Sandy is an intuitivetarot and palm reader.


Selene Rati

Psychic Reader

Selene has been reading tarot for 30 years and teaching it for 25. She is a United Life Church Minister with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Doctorate in Divinity. She holds certifications as a Life Coach, Grief CounselorEFT/TFT MasterUsui Reiki Master, and Quantum Heart Alignment. She works with clients to heal and help them expand their goals and dreams. She is available for classesprivate readings, or to provide services as a clergy member, such as rites of passageweddings, and funerals.


Star Thomas-Wyse

Energy Healer

Star has provided Quantum Heart Alignment healing to the community for many years. Quantum Heart Alignment is a profound and extremely gentle hands on process that connects your heart directly to the heart of the universe with a quantum leap into pure fifth dimension energy. This opportunity will leave you peaceful and balanced. People have reported that their ability to trust in the message of their heart has dramatically increased after receiving this work.

Star is confirmed vaccinated.


Star on Facebook

Steve MacDonald

Psychic Reader

Steve is our Saturday in-house reader

Steve will amaze you – if not right away then down the road when many of his predictions prove to be incredibly accurate. He reads cards and palms with equal facility and can provide a detailed forecast of the next six months of your life. Steve is internationally known for his psychic ability. He has been featured in People Magazine and has read for Shirley MacLaine and Marianne Williamson.


Susan Sears-Gabel

Psychic Reader

Susan is our Wednesday in-house reader

Susan is a lifelong empath and channel for higher wisdom. Susan is exceptional at connecting to the heart of the matter and revealing your own innate wisdom.
Her readings are direct, fun and uplifting.
Susan is available for private readings, parties and group readings.

Susan is confirmed vaccinated.


Susan Tower

Psychic Reader & Artist

Susan is our Thursday in-house reader

Susan is a true nature sprite and is deeply enveloped in the love of Earth. Susan’s readings are rich in imagery, nature metaphors, and are grounded and collected. Susan has the ability to channel and illustrate the animal spirits around you, to offer intuitive drawings and messages from those guides! Susan has many miles travelled and is full of wisdom and life experience. Her guidance is so genuine, so warm and incredibly eye opening. Susan offers intuitive art drawings, psychic & tarot readings, classes and spiritual coaching! Susan is available for private readings, groups and parties.

Susan Walter

Psychic Artist

Susan is a Intuitive Visionary Artist, after near death experiences as a child Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her see the angles in their pure light form. She uses this ability to draw your Angels Portrait and relay messages and insights from your angels. Susan is also the Artist/Author of the Solfeggio Mandala Decks, using these divinely created images she will assists you on your personal journey of spiritual growth, uncovering practical techniques and tools to assist you with a ‘Soul Growth Reading’.


Tammy Barton

Energy Healer

Tammy Barton does Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Intuitive Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, Massage and Reiki. Tammy is a licensed massage therapistReiki Master and specializes in craniosacral therapy and Shamanic healing. She integrates her intuitive gifts and healing modalities to create the greatest avenue of healing for you, essentially allowing your spirit to lead and the body and mind to follow.